At the heart of our work lies the significance of the family. While the majority of our work is focused on the mentee, we recognise the importance of the family system and consider its impact on the individuals involved. Between the ages of 16-28 it is quite normal for there to be a breakdown in communication within families, be it between parents, children, or siblings. Our dedicated family sessions aim to bridge the communication gap and alleviate concerns, but most importantly provide a supportive space for reconnection through understanding.

During these sessions we create protected and focused time for the family to come together and collectively reflect upon the challenges they may be facing both individually and as a group. We acknowledge the progress made and challenges met. If there is a specific challenge that goes beyond the scope of a family session, we provide in-house family therapy and mediation.

Through addressing family dynamics, nurturing understanding, and connection, we are able to foster a supportive environment where everyone can grow.

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