“Learning about ourselves is a key part of building the life we want to live”

Farah Khushabi

Head of Mentoring

As the Head of Mentorship, I work closely with mentees and their families at Dallington. I am passionate about the mentoring model we have developed, having witnessed the powerful impact it can have to build confidence and derive a sense of purpose in young people. I am regularly engaged in the reviewal of Dallington’s mentoring programme to ensure this aligns with the evolving needs of young adults today.

Alongside my role, I am completing my final year of a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology at City, University of London.  I have gained significant experience working clinically with adolescents, young people and adults in private, voluntary and NHS settings.  I echo Dallington’s Jungian lens of the transition into adulthood, while holding a pluralistic grounding to my work. I believe it is also important to a contextualise a young person’s challenges and experiences within the broader familial and social systems that they are a part of.

Drawing on my experience of the young people and families we work with, I am passionate about contributing to the clinical and social understanding of the psychological impact of affluence on development. As such,I am conducting my doctoral thesis on the interplay between an affluent familial upbringing and one’s adult identity formation.

Having grown up in the Middle East and lived in Canada before settling in London, I consider myself sensitively attuned to both the opportunities and challenges that being a ‘Third Culture Kid’ can entail.


  • DPsych Counselling Psychology – City University of London (Ongoing)
  • Level 1 & 2 Positive Behavioural Support – Association of Psychological Therapies
  • Foundation in Counselling Skills & Studies – Metanoia Institute
  • MSc Psychology – University of Surrey
  • BA International Development Studies – McGill University, Canada
  • Safeguarding 16-25 year olds: England and Wales - NSPCC
  • Suicide Prevention Level 2 - STORM Skills Training